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Beijing Zhongke Galaxy Core Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2018 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is an industrial company under the Microelectronics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit design, and develops its core competitiveness with core technology with independent intellectual property rights. The company is currently engaged in three aspects of business, chip design, software development and design services. In the field of chip design, the company is committed to the design, development, sales and technical services of sensor chips, automotive electronic chips and electronic label chips. In the development of software, the company is mainly engaged in the development of industrial process control software and automation test control software; the design service, the company is Customers provide personalized customization services such as chip development, program development, software development and so on. The company's products are in the field of automotive electronics, industry, intelligent manufacturing, communication, and Internet of things.


The main products of the company are temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors and electronic tags. Zhongke Galaxy attaches great importance to intellectual property rights. At present, it has applied for 2 invention patents, 4 integrated circuit layout patents, and 5 authorized software copyright.


The company's core R&D team consists of 20 people, including 4 professionals and technicians with doctoral degree, 8 professionals and technicians with master's degree, and 8 undergraduates. They have rich experience in analog, mixed-signal integrated circuit design and board-level system design.


The Milky Way galaxy has a deep research and development base, advanced design concept, and the team has accumulated a great deal of technology and experience in chip design and software development in the previous work, and has the ability and experience of the corresponding package design and automation test process design. The team has been working in the field of integrated circuits for many years, and has extensive market promotion ability and judgement ability. Team members have close cooperation with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the chip design industry chain, which provide guarantee for product development from rapid listing.


In line with the concept of "enterprising and realistic innovation", we are based on the people-oriented, market oriented, core technology as the foundation, designed with the international first-class integrated circuit products as the mission, constantly improve the innovation ability and the core competitiveness of the enterprise management strategy, adhere to the innovation, strive for excellence, committed to become International first-class semiconductor chip design company!

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